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[pct-l] New to the PCT-L

Hello Butterfly. Yeah, you'd like goat Rocks. Any of he wildernesses here in 
Washington are well worth doing. For weather stick with July 15 to Oct 1 but 
beware the rogue rainy September. If you're serious about Rainier in July, 
I'm tentatively planning a group climb via the camp Shurmann/Emmons Glacier 
route this summer and if you haven't already firmed up other plans, you can 
join us and save about $700 -- the cost of a guided tour. I've taken many 
mountaineering students (up to age 64)to the top and can provide many 
references if you would like them. The 3 day climb will include lessons in 
self arrest and crevasse rescue. Something to mull over, anyway.You probably 
have already heard the rumors and they are true. Rainier is extremely 
physical - much harder  and more dangerous than any other of the volcanoes 
here in the NW. I've heard many people say it was the hardest thing they ever 
did. But it will not be your physical condition that gets you to the top. It 
will be your attitude, especially sheer desire. Without it, one will find a 
reason to turn back. Of course, the weather may have a little something to 
say about the matter, too. In any event, good luck on your climb. 
    Anyone out there know anything about the 70 mile Tonto Trail in the Grand 
Canyon, especially the section between Boucher Creek and Bass Canyon? Or the 
Apache Trail that one can take from Bass Canyon to reach Supai in Havasu 
Canyon? I'm planning a 2 week, 140 mile transCanyon trek this May, from 
Tanner Canyon to Supai with a resupply at Phantom Ranch. Anyone been there 
who has knowledge of supplies available?