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[pct-l] Montane Featherlite Pertex pants - questions...

Just spent the weekend up in the Whites.  While there, I had a chance to 
stop by McKenzie Gear (no web site yet), an outfitter with an interesting 
(but incomplete) mix of gesr, including Feathered Friends, Golite, Red 
Ledge, and Montane.

At 6'1" with a 38" inseam, I often have big problems finding gear that fits, 
especially things like rain pants.  So, imagine my surprise when I stepped 
into a pair of Montane Featherlite pants and they were long enough (a 
relative term for me).  Their web site says 34" but my measuring tape says 
36.5".  In size XXL, they weigh 4.5 oz with the stuff sack and tags.  The 
4.5" square stuff sack weighs almost .5 oz.  I'm guessing the three tags are 
almost .5 oz, too.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has used these pants and if so, what did 
you think?  What environments have you used them in?  How much water have 
you encountered with them?  How dry have they kept you (or not kept you)?  
Do you like them or not?  Would you recommend them or not?  How and when 
would you use them?  Do they replace a waterproof layer for you?  What about 
wind?  They seem windproof.  Do they feel it while wearing them?

I've read the backpacklightlight.com windshirt reviews which imply the shirt 
is not waterproof but the reviews didn't make clear whether they used the 
shirt in addition to another waterproof layer or managed to make do with 
whatever moisture came through.

These are obviously not suitable for winter use where full side zips and 
additional reinforcement are necessary when suing crampons and snowshoes.

Are these suitable as a wind AND water layer for a PCT thruhike?  What about 
three season hiking elsewhere?  I live and do most of my hiking in the White 
Mountains of NH.

The only color they had was black though the Montane web site didn't even 
list black.  This would preclude using them in anything but rainy or cool 
conditions.  They would likely be just too hot to wear if it's sunny and not 
very cold.

Looks like they are regularly ~$65.  I picked them up for ~$49.  Does that 
sound about right?

Thanks for the info,

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