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[pct-l] New to the PCT-L

Hi Butterfly!

Welcome to the list and congratulations on your AT hike!

I think most people would agree that the finest stretch of PCT near Mt. 
Rainier is the Goat Rocks Wilderness. That's in section H of volume 2 of the 
guidebook. If you have a little more time, you can add trail north of there 
up to Chinook Pass or south of there into the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

Enjoy the exploration!
Flyin' Brian

>From: Susan Faidley <theatbutterfly@yahoo.com>
>I may never finish the entire PCT, so I want to hike the
>most special sections with the week to 10 days I will have
>available each year. This year (at either the end of July
>or early August), I plan to climb Rainier and then begin my
>walk on the PCT. So I will want to pick an especially nice
>section near Rainier.

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