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[pct-l] New to the PCT-L

Hello Fellow Hikers!

This is just a little note to introduce myself. I am
Butterfly...49 year old female. Hiking is what I love to
I just finished a fantastic journey on the A.T. this year. 
I began the Trail in short sections in 1997 and made it to
the MD-PA line (Mason-Dixon line in the fall of 2000). Up
until that point my longest backpack had been 10 days.
However, this past summer I quit my job and picked up the
Trail heading into PA. On Sept. 26, of this year, I
finished an incredible journey - one that was much more
than just a physical and mental experience - but one that
was also a very personal oddysey and a life-altering
experience. I am thrilled that my body held up, and that I
really made it to Katahdin!(without a doubt a truly special
mountain) Upon coming home, there has been a difficult
adjustment after 1124 miles on the Trail. For the entire
summer, I lived a different way of life. As I am sure many
of you know, the everyday world is a tough place to try to
re-enter. So I decided that I had to find new learning
experiences, challenges, and adventure in this wondrous and
beautiful outdoors that we have surrounding us. So where
better to go next than the PCT!
I may never finish the entire PCT, so I want to hike the
most special sections with the week to 10 days I will have
available each year. This year (at either the end of July
or early August), I plan to climb Rainier and then begin my
walk on the PCT. So I will want to pick an especially nice
section near Rainier. I will have lots of questions I am
sure!  I hiked a few miles of the PCT last summer when I
climbed Mt. Hood, and I am so excited about getting back
out there! 
Butterfly GA to PA 97-00, PA to ME 01
(Susan Faidley)

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