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[pct-l] Plastic vs. Fire

As an owner of a MSR model 9, I can state the plastic pump threads stretch 
over time making them easier to cross thread. If an O-ring fails, your pump 
melts. The newer version stoves boil quite well and are bomb proof, except 
for the pump. You can rebuilt and repair most all of your MSR stove in the 
field, but a pump melt down or cross threaded pumps are goners. ( I still 
have my 1973 stove and it works well, but am now looking for a third pump.) 
One melted and one cross threaded. Spend an extra 30 dollars an an Optimus 
Nova or slump it down a notch an get a Primus muli-fuel, both has metal pump 
handles and threads.This info is for a winter or climber stove. Go alcohol on 
your thru-hike and carry a few esbits for backup.