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[pct-l] Kelty Flight 4500

I have a Cloud. Great pack. I can strip it down to 2 pounds or add pockets
to 3+ pounds. I carried a bear canister by adding a horozinal stay at the
top and strapping the canister on it so the load would ride high. You can
also do the same with the water bag. Either way, water bag/bear canister,
the load SEEMS much lighter. The hip belt seems great for a guy -- not so
good for a woman.

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I was looking at the Kelty Flight 4500 on their webpage 
and it looks like an inexpensive alternative to the 
Cloud.  Anyone have any experience with one.  Actually, 
does anyone have experience with the Cloud 4500 as 
well.  I'm looking to lower my packweight another 7-8 
pounds and the pack is a good place to start.  
Happy trails, and festive holidays, Hobbit
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