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[pct-l] Water filter

Hi Jerry,

We have enjoyed using a PUR for quite a while, but this summer we 
decided to change the cartridge and that's where trouble began... 
Something tiny and insignificant must have changed between the old 
turqoise accented PUR we have and the darker blue accented cartridge. 
Officially it should have been exactly the same. Pumping became so 
hard that we broke of the pump handle. After bumming the use of 
waterfilters off of fellow-hikers we now switched to MSR. We had 
bought the PUR in 1997 at REI Seattle. We returned it by chance at 
the same REI, without receipt, in 2001 and they gave us a full 
refund, almost no questions asked! Good service, in my book.


>        Someone mentioned maybe getting a PUR water filter and I just couldn't
>resist a comment. 
>        We carried a PUR Hiker on our 2001 thru-hike.  We used it to regularly
>filter water for two and were careful to not subject it to murky water...we
>boiled that stuff.  The filter cartridge was advertised to filter ~800 liters
>(depending on water conditions), but we never achieved that, and we filtered
>only clear looking water through it.  After <200 liters the filter would get
>hard to pump and then...pop...the plastic outside casing would crack shooting
>water 10 feet off to the side.  Duct tape was used regularly on the hike for
>a variety of functions, but it was used the most repairing the water filter. 
>We carried the 1-800 number for all pertinent equipment manufactures and the
>only one we needed to call was PuR.  I wasn't impressed with their product,
>but their service help department was great.  They shipped us a total of
>three new casings during the course of the hike.  And yes, we did
>occasionally replace the filter cartridge, but not one made it to the 250
>liter mark. We also meet other thru-hikers with similar experiences...they
>were happy to get the 1-800 number.
>        If I had to do it over again I'd consider a MSR (filter) or maybe Aqua
>Mira (drops)...we saw both used on the trail with good reviews.  We'll see if
>that holds up to the scrutiny of the folks on this list...
>              http://www.ldpcampingfoods.com/Aquamira.htm
>              http://www.tomsbackcountrystore.com/filtersg.html
Jan Heideveld & Saskia Daru