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[pct-l] Packing a Bear Canister


I have posted my packing method. It is on the PCTA website as well as
several others. The secret is selection, measuring, repackaging and
cramming. I will fully pack the bear canister that Monte will attempt to
break at ADZPCTKO.

Menue for two:

1-Breakfast [Wakefern Eggs, 2/3 package] Cook in BakePacker. Makes the
equivilent of a 6 egg omelet; alternate Oatmeal, 1 flavored package plus two
spoonfuls straight stuff per person
2-Lunch [Tortilla, Peanut Butter, jelly] I use skippy rather than the
designer kind. I open the plastic jar and add about two ounces to the top. I
package the jelly in  squeeze tube. We budget 2-3 tortillas per person for
lunch. The Bearicade canister was especially designed so that tortillas fit
perfectly. For a week an 18oz peanut butter jar and two squeeze tubes of
jelly seem rightAlternate, canned chicken w/ tortillas
3-Dinner [I have posted this]+ 2/3 cup cake mik and 1/3 package of eggs.
Bake in the BalePacker
4-Extra [cheeze and beef stick]approximately 1/2 cheese wheel [4 ounce] and
1/4 beef stick [4 ounce] per day. 
5-Snacks [dried fruit, beef jerkey, nuts]
6-Drinks [Crystal Light + everclear] "The Sierra Cooler"

Please note that the first day's food need not be in the canister. In fact
you should not attempt to open the canister the first day because you'll
never get all the food back in.


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Tom said: "Generally we get a week's food for two adults in the

Wow!  I can barely get five day's worth for just one into a Garcia
cannister. Could you share your technique?  How about listing your
complete menu for two for a week, in addition to the dinners you
already described.  What do you take for breakfast?  lunch? snacks?
hot drinks?  What does your complete food for a week weigh?

Kurt P. Herzog
Grants Pass, OR 97526