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[pct-l] More on Jerry's Procedure [Food dehydration]

I used a variation of this method this year, except I used dehydrated soups,
and then used an old peanut butter jar to rehydrate during the day.  Since I
don't care for minute rice I dehydrated brown rice, after cooking it in
twice the recommended amount of liquid.  I found that using half water and
half lofat milk made it tastier.  Then by adding gorp, raisins etc. I had a
rice pudding.  Also since I can't eat hamburger helper I carried Barbara's
mashed potatoes (from the health food store) and used dehydrated chicken or
turkey and powdered milk to make a gravy.  If you cook all your ingredients
before dehydrating, even the pastas, you actually don't have to cook if you
don't want to.  The secret is to start rehydrating in the morning.  I found
that no later than 10 worked best for me.  Then when I got into camp, dinner
was ready as soon as I wanted it, or I could stop and eat then move on to
stealth camp.  Which by the way is hard to do when you have horses!
I used regular cheddar cheese and kept it in a zip bag all by itself.  The
double bag kind worked great.  Ate it a lot all on its own for lunch.  Swiss
or longhorn is better but is not always available at resupply points.
Crest Rider