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[pct-l] More MSR

I'm surprised by all the negative MSR comments. Bought
a XGK almost 20 years ago - and never liked it much.
But not because it wasn't working. It was just too
noisy, not very user-friendly and hard to pack.

In 96 I decided to leave my XGK at home and go for a
buthane stove on an AT thruhike. Worked fine but
couldn't get fuel for it - and pretty expensive fuel
when I found it. And even though the stove was very
packable and fairly light I ended up carrying an
almost empty canister and a full one several times.  

Switched to a Whisperlite International in Hot Springs
and never regrettd it. The good points:
* Used for at least 300 suppers since 96 (AT, PCT etc)
* Never done anything to maintain it except shake it
* Works great on white gas, ok on unleaded
* Lightest multifuel I've found (people on this list
should appreciate this).
* Fits inside a 1.3 liter Evernew pot
* Only multifuel stove that burns fairly silent

So, what could be improved? Simmer would be nice, but
I certainly wouldn't want MSR to make it heavier with
a metal pump. I'd want them to make an ultralight


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