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[pct-l] MSR

To make your waterworks more usable remove the lower filter element. This
turns this into a miniworks which is good enough in the US. Outside the US
where you need a waterworks the Pur or Sweetwater don't do a good enough

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A friend I was with had a bad MSR experience this year. Left work half day
on Friday; drove a couple hours up into the Sierras; packed a few hours to
a lake we frequent not far from the PCT; setup camp and started dinner as
it was getting dark. As his rice and beans are simmering he starts waxing
nostalgic about his little WisperLite and how it's treated him well for 9
years without a problem. Just as he's wrapping up his treatise he realizes
he's neglected his food; reaches down for a stir and POW! flames shoot out
of the fuel can. We shoveled dirt and rocks onto the flaming wreckage and
watched the pyre burn for the next 40 minutes. He salvaged the rice and
beans and had some gritty burritos. The next day we dug out the stove which
seemed to be okay. All plastic items were gone and the fuel bottle was
dented from rocks. Not sure what caused it; a bad o-ring, wasn't screwed
tight, hose went bad... So he's in the market for a stove before next year.
We used my DragonFly the rest of the trip. Maybe he should call MSR?

I also own a WaterWorks II. It works, but is *very* slow and requires
complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly about every 3 liters. Also
it's not very handy if you want to fill a platypus since it only has a
nalgene combatible screw adapter. I think I'll buy a Pur or SweetWater next

-Ryan / 95677

At 02:10 PM 12/18/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I bought an MSR Waterworks back in 1994. I'm trying to remember if I've
>owned any more frustrating piece of gear. Nope.

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