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[pct-l] MSR

I bought an MSR Waterworks back in 1994. I'm trying to remember if I've ever 
owned any more frustrating piece of gear. Nope.

I never thought about smashing it against the rocks. That probably would have 
worked, at making me feel better that is.

I have had two XGK's, one fot lost in the mail and I still have the other. I 
thought they worked well. It boiled drinking water well at 16,000 plus feet 
in Nepal. I have a Whisperlite which has always worked well for me. It's nine 
years old. I use lighter stuff now. Esbit tablets. Unless I go with a lot of 
folks on a weekender.

I had a Coleman Peak 1 catch fire on me a few times back in the 80's. Piece 
of junk.

How about using one's eyeglasses and the sun to heat up food?

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