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[pct-l] New Balance 804 - wore quickly

I was quite happy with my new 804's, but unfortunately they wore through =
the back of the shoe after just a few miles, giving me a rub on the back =
of my ankle. I repaired this with mole skin, but for high quality NB's I =
was pretty dissappointed. =20
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I was in Sportmart today and they have New Balance 803's on sale for
$59.99 and 804's for $64.99. But wait, there's more! If you buy a second
pair, you get it for half of that price so only $29.99 for the second
pair of 803's. These prices are good in the L.A. and San Diego area until
Dec. 25th., not sure about any other areas.

Have a Merry Christmas.
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