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[pct-l] Strange, who you meet in a Bar

Marge, I'm sorry that I wasn't at Whiskey Jacques to see you all and the

Another coincidence...When Ken and I were scoping out the CDT for next
year's hike we ran into three hikers at a restaurant in Glacier NP. Of
course we had to ask where they were hiking. One was Jonathan Ley who I knew
only from reading his PCT '98 journal. It's a small world, except when
hiking mile by mile!

I hear you have lots of snow, and now more? I hope spring comes early!

Gotta hike,
Marcia and Ken
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> Our newspaper is a Free one and I noted the following: There is a slide
> being
> given by J.C. Corrigan who hiked the Continental Divide this past summer.
> (He lives in
> this area.) It will be held at Whiskey Jacques (a bar in Ketchum on main
> street)
> at 7:30 pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.
> My daughter and I decided to go and see what it all about, so we drove the
> 11 miles in
> a snowstorm, and saw an excellent slide show. J.C. Corrigan had a trail
> name, but I
> could not hear what it was, except it was from Tolkien and it was one of
> Hobbits.
> He did a marvelous job in the presentation.  Things, places and people who
> have
> only read about on the lists really came alive for me.
> He used only a compass and they stayed to the ridges as much as possible.
> However he did
> use a soda can stove.
> The big surprise, I met Jonathan Ley who also hiked the trail this past
> summer, he
> hooked up with this young man and they hiked hundred of miles together.
> Jonathan is on his
> way back to Chicago and came via this area to see his friend and the slide
> show. It is
> really great to put a face on a name from the list.
> Monte, Jonathan said he really enjoyed your hospitality while in Seattle.
> Marge (the old gal)
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