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[pct-l] Strange, who you meet in a Bar

Our newspaper is a Free one and I noted the following: There is a slide show
given by J.C. Corrigan who hiked the Continental Divide this past summer.
(He lives in
this area.) It will be held at Whiskey Jacques (a bar in Ketchum on main
at 7:30 pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.

My daughter and I decided to go and see what it all about, so we drove the
11 miles in
a snowstorm, and saw an excellent slide show. J.C. Corrigan had a trail
name, but I
could not hear what it was, except it was from Tolkien and it was one of the
He did a marvelous job in the presentation.  Things, places and people who I
only read about on the lists really came alive for me.

He used only a compass and they stayed to the ridges as much as possible.
However he did
use a soda can stove.

The big surprise, I met Jonathan Ley who also hiked the trail this past
summer, he
hooked up with this young man and they hiked hundred of miles together.
Jonathan is on his
way back to Chicago and came via this area to see his friend and the slide
show. It is
really great to put a face on a name from the list.

Monte, Jonathan said he really enjoyed your hospitality while in Seattle.

Marge (the old gal)