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[pct-l] PCT photos online

Rainmaker's post, below, reminded me that I'd yet to post to this list =
about my own PCT "slideshow" available on Yahoo at =
http://photos.yahoo.com/blisterfree  There, click on the PCT album to =
see images from this year's journey, Ashland to Manning, including a =
single-image view of Tunnel Falls along Eagle Creek in the Columbia =
Gorge. Another folder highlights my Grand Canyon single-day 48 mile =
rim-to-rim-to-rim hike of this past October. My goal is to one day get =
the PCT folders up to the calibre of the GC album.

- blisterfree


  a.. Reply-To: "David Mauldin" <rainmaker@rabun.net>
  From: "David Mauldin" <rainmaker@rabun.net>
  To: "PCTL" <pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
  Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:47:25 -0500
  Subject: [pct-l] 2001 PCT Photos

  I have uploaded about 30 photos from my and Brawny's hike on the PCT =
  this year from Crater Lake, OR to Manning Park, Canada.

  To access the photos, click on the URL below, then select "Photos" in =
  the navigation box, then "2001 PCT" album:

  http://www.trailquest.net/RMindex.html .

  To minimize the advertising banners at Yahoo, the photos are best =
viewed =3D
  using the "Slideshow" option.

  David Mauldin
  www.trailquest.net .
  "To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"

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