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[pct-l] my apologies, and I will hush on the subject

As the Director of Outreach for an environmental non-profit that promotes responsible stewardship of Colorado's fourteen-thousand foot peaks, I certainly have heard many an earful on what people want from their "wilderness" experience (ie: mtn bikers want one thing, hikers another, ATVers yet another, this includes dog owners, horsemen, etc.) if you factor in sustainability of trails, agency funding, and maintanance capacity it can be a headache of an issue.

I do appreciate your comments; and I take them seriously in considering the question of taking my dog on the PCT.  I hope that if we meet on a trail somewhere that we can open each others minds by creating nothing but a positive experience. I know I have much to learn.  To each their own, I suppose and maybe the PCT is not the place for me and my dog...

Thanks for the feedback, and I promise this is IT on the issue, from me!  Peace! :)

Cross Country

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