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[pct-l] Kennel, dog-sitter, vet clinic that boards, dog-lover wanted!

In a message dated 12/12/2001 9:04:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
AaronandCory@netscape.net writes:

> Anyone know if there is a contact I could board my dog with... as my husband 
> and I hike through the Yosemite section of the PCT--- (Lone Pine to 
> Tuolumne Meadows) on our thru-hike in 2002?  Will pay generous price for a 
> compassionate dog-lover...

Don't want to bust your bubble, but....

Yosemite goes 50 or more miles beyond TM and it would best to pick up the dog 
at Sonora Pass.  There are other parks (I think) where dogs aren't allowed, 
such as Crater Lake and possibly the others.  

Plus... it's not the best trail for a dog to "thru-hike", unless it can do 20 
miles a day consistently, carry a gallon or more of water (plus what ever 
else he carries) in stifling, dry heat in many areas, cross miles of volcanic 
rock barefoot, or use an ice ax, among other reasons.

If you love your dog, leave it at home with someone you can trust.  


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