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[pct-l] resupplying...

Hi Monica,

The PCT town guide is worthwhile for planning, but I'm
not sure if it's been updated for 2002.

There's good information on resupply on the PCT


I found the information to be helpful before my thru

Starman PCT 00
Camel AT 98

--- "M. Delmartini" <calinda4@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Howdy, all...  Just contemplating the nitty gritty
> of planning resupplies, 
> and wondering what resources you all could recommend
> (oh, dear, now I'm in 
> for it! : ) )  I know there's a PCT town guide out
> there somewhere--is it 
> up-to-date and worthwhile?  Also, is there
> information available on the 
> feasibility of purchasing supplies along the way?  I
> seem to remember 
> someone posting a link to that effect, once upon a
> time...
> ----Monica

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