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[pct-l] Time spent on the trail

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> Just playing the devils advocate, but I'd seriously think I'd be missing 
> something, if I was back home in four months, instead of 5 or six.

Yeah, it's all HYOH and all that, but there's no denying that the sooner 
you're done, the sooner you're off The Trail (be tough to argue that one). A 
couple-few years back (94-95), there was a couple who southbounded the AT 
Trail [sic] and took 11 months to do so. They never did more than 10 miles in 
a day, and had a fabulous hike. We all gots to do what we gots to do, but 
that sounds like a fine plan. More power to 'em. 

Endeavor to persevere,
Former Attorney General Ed Meese

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