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[pct-l] PCT website

I just wanted to let folks know that the website about our 2001 PCT thru-hike 
has had a major rework. Over 130 slides have been scanned and are 
incorporated into the journal.  In addition, the site has been changed to be 
both netscape and explorer friendly...thanks to Brawny who let me know there 
was a problem.  I also crunched some data and added a 'Daily Trail Data' page 
outlining some of the specifics. I even went back and reread the entire 
journal and corrected all of the silly mistakes I'd made while writing 
usually into the dark most evenings on the trail. The site can be found at:
or also through the PCTA website under Hiker Journals, Jerry and Dave 

Best wishes to the Class of 2002,

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