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[pct-l] (Guest Post) Southbound bears / Oregon section questions

Here's a quote from my journal describing Oregon's Section F (I was
southbound, so it reads from that perspective):

"The northern half of Section F passes through beautiful open forest and
visits several quality lakes. There are few major elevation changes, so it
was a time to stretch my legs with higher mileage days. I was taken by the
beauty of Oregon's open forests. The canopy allows enough light to filter
through so there is a nice underbrush of grasses and small bushes, but not
enough to support underbrush so thick that it encroaches on the trail. It
looks like these forest segments of the trail require almost no maintenance,
just the footfalls of hikers to compress the tread, and removal of an
occasional blowdown."

"South of Ollallie Lake the trail entered Mount Jefferson Wilderness,
followed by Mount Washington Wilderness. This is a country of snowcapped
mountains and sharp crags, exceptionally scenic, always looking ahead to the
next mountain, crag, or volcano. I had no idea Oregon had such majestic
peaks. The section ends in the Belknap lava field, a wasteland of recent
volcanic activity."

"The highlight of the section for me was Jefferson Park. In late season,
free of mosquitoes, it is literally a walk in a park beneath the slopes of
Mount Jefferson, through fields of wildflowers, bubbling creeks and placid

There are no serious water problems in northern Oregon.  There are some dry
stretches in the south, but they're easily managed.

happy trails, Hobbit