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[pct-l] PCT Section I

Yep, The terrain lookied to me like it would be just like that in the
winter. Not for this dude.

To avoid, from Glen Aulin simply continue down the Tuolumne then up Jack

I think that this is a late July hike. In September this year it was simply
beautiful but brown instead of green. No mosquitoes, no tough water
crossings but brown not green. Your choice.

Yes, Sonora Pass is very interesting but so is the Emigrant Trail to Kennedy

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At 03:39 PM 12/10/01, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>  This would avoid the north sides of Seavey Pass and Benson Pass.
>The former is down a steep shaded Canyon and the latter is down a stream

Ahh yes, north of Seavey Pass lies Kerrick Canyon.

I remember it well.......

Steep canyon sides, with the trail deep under snow covered with a hard 
layer of Ice from the warm days, but cold nights.

The snow went all the way down into raging Kerrick Creek (more like a 
river) several hundred feet below. I was going from tree trunk to tree 
trunk in my running shoes, (no crampons) trying to chop steps with my 
plastic self arrest ski pole handle.

After about 5 hours to go 3 miles, I made it to the river crossing, only to 
be faced with full flood conditions, and a very shaky log to cross on. 
Someone posted a note at the crossing pointing upstream towards the "log," 
such as it was.

The day before, I had fallen through a snow bridge into a knee deep creek 
about 4 feet below. I was on solid snow cover, and didn't know I was on the 
bridge till I dropped through......It took me almost half an hour to get 
myself out. Scared me real bad.

I scanned some photos of that day, and uploaded them at

The photos were taken July 24 1995

One of the low points on my trip.........

Oh, I hadn't seen anyone since the Tuolomne meadows store, and didn't see 
anyone till Sonora Pass, so if I had fallen, no one would have even known, 
till my body washed up down stream somewhere.

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