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[pct-l] PCT Section I (long)

I have hiked this section twice in June, July and August.  The solitude
is amazing, even at the later time of year, the country is deeply
corrugated and rugged, the trails are old-style steep (they were
originally laid out by the cavalry for reconnaissance.  They were after
sheepherders and native Americans who refused to leave).  Mosquitoes are
a very serious concern early in the season (especially in the area of
Grace Meadow).  Campsites are fine and plentiful, and the water was
plentiful even in August this year.  A side hike to Tilden Lake is well
worth the effort.  Ditto the side hike to McCabe Lake.  Also, the canyon
between the east end of Kerrick canyon and Peeler Lake is very lightly
traveled and a true Sierra paradise.  If you can take your trip in late
July to August, I would highly recommend it, as you will avoid snow
problems, high water crossings, and the worst of the mosquitoes.  You
will be astonished at the solitude.  (I know, I know, some of you live
for that stuff, so don't bother flaming me this time!) 
It seems that scarcely anyone but PCT thruhikers hikes north of Glen
Aulin, and most of them are far north by August!
  Yosemite really wants people to use bear cans, so they are now making
it as painless as possible.  Yosemite is now renting bear cans for $3.00
per trip, and they don't care how long your trip is, as long as you
return the can by the end of the season.  They take your $3 and your
credit card number, and if you don't ever return the can they charge
your card for the cost of the can.  Seems to me you could ship the can
back to them at the end of the trip.  Ask about that.  We had bought our
cans before we arrived, and regretted it once we got there and heard
about the new deal.  Prior to this year, cans rented for $3 per DAY, and
a month long rental was not a sensible option.
If you want to buy cans, the cheapest price I found so far was at the
Whitney Portal store.  Don't know if they will have the same deal this
year, and I don't know when they open for the season, but keep it in
mind.  REI was one of the highest prices I found.  There is good bear
can info at SierraWilderness.com, the website that has reservation info
for Inyo National Forest.
Marion Davison

Thomas Vickers wrote:
> I finally broached the PCT topic with my hiking group. They are a bit wary, but
> I should get to do my first section this summer, so now some questions.
> Any ideas on the earliest date that Section I is snow free and ready to hike?
> Any and all info on Section would be appreciated.
> Their concerns at this point is
> 1) How are we going to fit 10 days of food in bear cannisters?
> 2) Where do we get/return cannisters?
> 3) How rough is this section?
> TV
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