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[pct-l] PCT Section I

At 03:39 PM 12/10/01, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>  This would avoid the north sides of Seavey Pass and Benson Pass.
>The former is down a steep shaded Canyon and the latter is down a stream

Ahh yes, north of Seavey Pass lies Kerrick Canyon.

I remember it well.......

Steep canyon sides, with the trail deep under snow covered with a hard 
layer of Ice from the warm days, but cold nights.

The snow went all the way down into raging Kerrick Creek (more like a 
river) several hundred feet below. I was going from tree trunk to tree 
trunk in my running shoes, (no crampons) trying to chop steps with my 
plastic self arrest ski pole handle.

After about 5 hours to go 3 miles, I made it to the river crossing, only to 
be faced with full flood conditions, and a very shaky log to cross on. 
Someone posted a note at the crossing pointing upstream towards the "log," 
such as it was.

The day before, I had fallen through a snow bridge into a knee deep creek 
about 4 feet below. I was on solid snow cover, and didn't know I was on the 
bridge till I dropped through......It took me almost half an hour to get 
myself out. Scared me real bad.

I scanned some photos of that day, and uploaded them at

The photos were taken July 24 1995

One of the low points on my trip.........

Oh, I hadn't seen anyone since the Tuolomne meadows store, and didn't see 
anyone till Sonora Pass, so if I had fallen, no one would have even known, 
till my body washed up down stream somewhere.

Brick Robbins                       mailto:brick@fastpack.com