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[pct-l] Canister Rentals (was PCT Section I)

I rented a Garcia from the Mono Visitor Center, Just outside of Lee Vining,
on 395, for 5 dollars a week.  I tried every which way I could to get it
into one of my pommels bags.  Finally, with it half way down one of the
bags, and tied on, I slung it on the saddle and could not keep it from
unbalancing the other side( it was just too round and would not seat
against the pommel).  So I repacked all the food into my regular packs and
figured I would just carry the thing in a stuff sack.  I ripped two sacks
trying to find some way to carry the thing.  Then realized that no matter
what I could not have the thing just swinging around, irritating and
spooking the horse.  After two hours of effort, I finally just left the
thing.  Had no problem with bears all the way through the sierras- used one
bear box and otherwise slept with my food.

Carrying a canister is easier said than done.  Quite apart from the weight,
and getting the food in and out.  It requires some thought about how and
where you are going to carry the thing.  There are no attachment points,
and it is very unforgiving against body, pack, tentpoles, pots, etc.  It
would help to know what the diameter of a garcia is - I forgot to measure
the thing when I had it.

Had another 5 inches of snow last night here in Washington.  Last week it
snowed every day.  Fortunately, it was melting also.  A friend said that
there is more snow now than there was at the end of last season.  Hope the
CDT doesn't get it too.