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[pct-l] More info on Killer Bees on Southern PCT

 You call 1-800-200-2337 for the San Diago County Bee Hotline. All of 
Southern  Calif has now been found to contain " Killer Bees". On Sept. 
30,2000 a 41 year old Banning Man was stung to death. ( Banning is a stones's 
throw from Cabazon 225 up the PCT from the Mexican Border. San Diago County 
estimates half of their bee removal now days are killer bee hives. April 15, 
2001 a San Diago Padres games was hlted by a swarm. Attacks also occured in 
El Cerrito Calif. and Aliso Viejo on 7/28/01. Just type in Killer Bees in US 
on your search and info is endless. Inland Southern Cal. got these guys in 
Oct. 1994 and coast in 1998. Problems occur more if you are operating 
equipment ( like a lawnmower) ,butcan happen if you come without 50' of a 
hive or swarm or accidently smash one which will bring their wrath your way!