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[pct-l] Re: the Border Grouse, a true story

T'was the night before Manning, 
and all through the park, 
not a creature was sleeping, 
though t'was plenty dark

All the hikers were snug
stones piled with care,
in hopes that they wouldnt be needed 
against bear

when what to my horrified eyes do appear,
but a Grouse with an Attitude, 
showing no fear!


That same grouse attacked many hikers. He sat on the
trail, as Rainmaker approached, that feathered fellow
showed no fear. Rain spoke to him, nudging him off the
trail so we could pass. We passed. I glanced back just
in time to see that grouse come running towards me,
neck outstretched, beak formost, aiming for my leg...

I screetched, and jumped off the trail, that grouse
held me at bay. Rainmaker returned, and told the
fellow to let me pass, as I edged past him, and back
onto the trail...I hiked on. Rainmaker and the grouse
were having a time. It looked like Dances With Grouse,
as the creature kept attacking, and hanging onto Rains
shoe laces, socks, shoes. The grouse jumped to the
ground, then, trying to run past Rainmaker, and I
swear get back to me.

What on earth had set him off? Was it my shoes? heaven
only knows, that grouse had it in for me, and only
Rainmaker saved my skin. Well, grouse, gravy and
instant mashed potatoes could have worked, too, except
we were border bound. 

the Killer Grouse , may he train troops! Hope he
doesnt have any offspring!


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