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[pct-l] judgment day

Hiking??? Who is talking about hiking. We are talking about attracting
women! Forget hiking. Brian logged a zillion miles and struck out. Me, I'm
showing up in my Z3 roadster.

In the canister FOOD????? You must be joshing. Spend my physical dexterity
making tuna can stoves and waste my energy bashing open a bear canister. Get

When those southern senoritas see me I may not even make adzpctko.

Vote for TOM, Vote for TOM

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> Women, females, girls, tranvestites, ATTENTION
> Vote for TOM, Vote for TOM
> To be fair, I think they should be judged after they have done a good
> day's hike without washing.

No, I think they should be judged right after a nice Lake Morena
campground shower.   That'll show who's really hot.    They won't need
a nine-day canister to pack their goods then.

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