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[pct-l] Re: A couple of Aquamira and G4 Questions

I received the following questions in a private email.

>Regarding Aquamira, if the active ingredient produced by mixing its two
>chemicals is hydrogen peroxide, I'm wondering why not just use regular
>hydrogen peroxide? Or is the off-the-shelf version in drug stores not
>concentrated enough to disinfect water? Or does hydrogen peroxide not
>maintain its activity under the temperature extremes that are encountered 
>the trail?

Drug store hydrogen peroxide is very weak to begin with and it gets weaker 
over time as oxygen bubbles out of it.  That's why it's not recommended as a 
water treatment alternative.

>On the G4, after placing the second pad inside the pack as a cylinder, do 
>recommend any particular distribution of items that differs from how gear 
>typically distributed in a pack, or do you pretty much follow the usual
>guidelines (e.g., heavier things closer to the back, etc.)

The usual recommendations are good, but I end up putting the stuff I'm going 
to need during the day on top so I can get to it easily.


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