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[pct-l] Oil for Future Generations

In a letter that I was driven to write to my Congressman regarding drilling 
in the ANWR, I demanded that the future generations of my family be allowed 
to bid for the rights to drill in the ANWR.  Since, I, being of the current 
generation was the only one in my family able to speak for the future 
generations of my family, regarding this issue, I reasoned that I should be 
allowed to bid.  Considering that my future generations are unlikely to have 
enough petroleum to use for all of the varied useful uses it does now, they 
would likely bid very high for the oil that lies there.  So I bid 92.653 
billion dollars.  

I haven't heard back from him yet.  I'll let you know.  

Oh, I plan to pay for it over about 400 generations!  I'm kicking in my $100 
into an escrow account in anticipation of winning the bid.

We don't need the oil in the ANWR yet.  What we need is a little more common 
sense from consumers and the automobile manufacturers.  I turned my SUV back 
in.  It kept eating at my conscience and my wallet.  

My next car will run on compressed natural gas.

Sorry, this is WAY off target of the list.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
back in the oil and gas industry . . . again.

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