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[pct-l] Sierra Bear lore!

Well- my 1 qt Titanium pot cost be $45 several years ago..
today muight be cheaper.. so that titanium bear canister
might run about $300.00 or so...LMAO 

At 12:04 PM 12/2/01 -0800, Ken & Marcia Powers wrote:
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>>    How about a pack that doubles as a canister- maybe one piece of molded,
>> box - shaped super strong, ultralite plastic with snap on compartments and
>> lids, and with a state of the art suspension system - all at under 4
>> Are you listening Mr. Kelty?
>I think a bear canister should be made out of titanium. It should open in
>the middle (rather than have the lid at one end) so one half could be used
>as a cooking pot. Thus, it is light weight, multi-functional and appeals to
>gear heads that like titanium anything. :-)
>Marcia, who carried the Garcia for Ken & Marcia
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