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[pct-l] Oil for the trail (more re ANWR, off topic etc)

Dave, I support & heartily agree with the need for wilderness, and I'm
troubled by drilling in ANWR.  At the risk of continuing this off-topic
topic (sorry) - I don't think the ANWR is a designated wilderness, therefore
the Wilderness Act won't apply to it.  (Same for the Grand Canyon &
Yellowstone NP - but the legislation that brought them into being likely
says something about "natural resources" in the parks.)

But you are right on about precedent and indifference.

Y'know, even though none of us on this list will ever agree on any one
thing, isn't it awesome that we in this country can have this forum without
having to hedge our words & thoughts?


PS - I'm also amused at how this thread started with olive oil and quickly
morphed into the other, um, natural kind....