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[pct-l] Bear Canisters and their uses

You can generally back down a bear and cause it to leave your camp by being
agressive. The bear MAY leave if there is easier pickings close by or may
stalk you all night. You generally cannot get rid of a bear once the has
gone up the tree after your food although a wrist rocket might work some of
the time. If you get into a hand-to-paw fight with a bear you will lose.
That is why the NPS tells people to never challange a bear. While we humans
are mammals with the inclination to defend our food, we are the weaker
species. I know that Monte wants to be Davey Crockett and "Kill himself a
bare when he was only three" but, in Monte's case, "three" refers to ......

Monte's challenge that canisters won't work forever may be true. We will
find out at ADZPCTKO 2002 when Monte attempts to crack open a fully loaded
canister. I will pack it with about 18 pounds of standard trail food [More
than 9 days even fpr Flyin Brian] and outfit Monte with mittens to simulate
bear paws. Greg plans to finance the 2003 ADZPCTKO with the VHS tape of the
"Great Bear Canister Challenge"