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[pct-l] Canisters, Fact or Fiction?

 I need to be a bit more tolerate on other hikers views. Fact--- We are stuck 
using these things at present time. Fact--- They do work at keeping bears out 
of your food at present time. Fact---They cost 75.00   Fact--- they are bulky 
and add weight to your pack. Fiction---- They will always detour bears from 
your food forever   Fiction--- They fit nicely into any internal frame pack 
on the market  Fact---- Make nice flower pots at home during the off-season 
Fiction--- Rangers will just say, " That's OK I won't give you a ticket for 
not carrying a canister today"  Fiction-- You can easily pack 9 days food in 
one canister Fiction--- They make you more attractive to the opposite sex