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[pct-l] GoLite "Breeze" review

I just emailed the following review by request to someone and thought
that I should post it here for all to justify so much thinking!!! I was
attempting to address concerns about the Breeze (used on my PCT
thru-hike) not having a waist belt or sternum strap.

As for the "Breeze" I'm one of those who prefer to have a waist belt and
think that the additional 4 to 6 ounces is worth it. Since this pack
doesn't have one I ended up using a Jansport fannypack that I picked up
at REI which provided excellent weight transfer to my hips. I usually
just put some of my extra clothing in the fannypack to fill it up. The
only problem I had with this set-up was the constant friction created
between the backpack and the fannypack and by the time that I was in
northern California I noticed several VERY thin spots in the material in
the very bottom of the pack. Thanks to the miracle of duct tape (inside
& out) I was able to control the friction and the pack then made it fine
through Oregon and Washington. On weekend trips I prefer to use the pack
without the fannypack support and with no problems, but when on the
multi-month hike I found that I liked having it.

Also, I started out using a small EMS fannypack in the desert but it
only lasted to Iddylwild when the seams busted. Fortunately Iddylwild
had an outfitter where I picked up a more durable (Ha!) Patagonia
fannypack, but the price tag ended up being the only durable thing
about it because the both the zipper and the seams were blown out by
the time I got to Agua Dulce. Thanks to the generosity of the Saufley's
(trail angels) I got to the REI in Los Angeles and picked up a 6 ounce
Jansport fannypack which was half the price of the Patagonia and that
was one good piece of equiptment because it handled the constant daily
abuse very well and made it all the way to Canada and is still in
usable shape.

To my surprise I really never missed having a sternum strap and I
believe that this feature is most useful on the packs where a lot of
weight is being carried, but I found the "Breeze" very comfortable
without this feature.

Dave Brock "Lightningbolt" http://members.tripod.com/gohike


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