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[pct-l] Oil for the trail

Hi Monte;

That olive oil really is good stuff and I began using it this summer
from Tuolomne Meadow's onward. Luckily, I ran into another thru-hiker
fellow who had packed too much of the oil in his maildrop so I bought
a small nalgene bottle and took some of his load. Didn't have to eat
near as much cheese after that as I began pouring it into my cooked
meals each day.

Now, I'm probably stepping into quicksand here but I just can't stand it
so I'm gonna nibble on the bait some and plunge into the lake...
speaking of drilling in ANWR, that is. I really don't have any solid
statistics on where our homegrown oil is going but I'll tell you what I
do know and that is Americans as a whole love their "wheels" and are
willing to fight wars to maintain the flow, myself included. Yes, I
proudly supported the Persian Gulf war whether it was for oil or
dramatically important for our own economy and national security to
maintain a stable Middle East region... or all of the above.

With that said and whether you (or anyone) thinks that we should or
should not drill for oil in ANWR is miniscule in comparison to the REAL
problems facing our society, environment, and earth. Research it
yourself and it's obvious that all of the so-called experts seem to
agree that if human population continues to grow at the current rate
then you wouldn't believe how many tens of billions of people will be
competing for those limited resources in the coming decades. So whether
we should or should not drill for oil in ANWR (and I certainly have my
own opinion) common sense seems to say that perhaps those who cry out
about the possibility of drilling should be putting more of their
resources into finding moral and ethical ways to reduce human
population. For gosh sakes I believe that someone told me that India has
a billion people alone! That too is a very complex problem with no easy
solutions but in comparison it seems to make ANWR not that big a deal.

Once again, whether you support the drilling for oil or not, common
sense seems to be ringing my bell once again in that whether it is next
year, ten years, or a hundred or so years from now (when our
non-renewable resources become depleted) and whether it's a democrat or
republican in office...that oil in ANWR is going to be gotten, mark my
words. Whether it is to save the economy for an over populated country
or in the name of national security (F-15's don't fly on air, yet) that
oil will most definitely be taken and once again that is only my
opinion, but hold on just a minute... maybe there is a solution if only
we could get all those engines to run on olive oil! Geez... I guess that
won't work either because the Middle East seems to have a monopoly on
olive trees too ! Oh, well... I'll keep on thinking!

Hike on and keep that olive oil flowing!

Dave Brock



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