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[pct-l] Bear Canisters and their uses

 If you want true joy in life, just load a canister with 2 hersey bars, honey 
scented anything, smoked sausage and a Furbie.Bear swats canister and Furbie 
laughs it's b--- off. Canisters are still just a temporary short term fix to 
pampering problem bears. I would advise use of a small airhorn, wristrocket 
and maybe a can of pepper spray. There is nothing " Natural" or cute about 
pampered Park bears. The NPS brings this problem on theirselves with their 
lame  policies creating an " Unnatural" lack of fear between people and 
bears. Most anywhere else but in parks, bears are no problem . ( Unless you 
like to fry bacon in your tent!!) ( Remember the story of the totaled Toyota 
at Whitney Portal?) Bully bears,people,sharks,dogs or whatever need to be 
taught a " Painfull" learn about their behavior. If they don't get the 
picture then, you need to either destroy or remove them. ( Whether it be 
bears,people ,dogs, sharks,mice, snakes, ants,worms,etc.etc. etc.) To open 
bear canister while wearing oven mitts, just pick up your " Eggshell Like" 
75.00 canister and smack sharply on rock located on ground. So far, bears 
have figured out problems much more difficult than this.( Like all the NPS 
bear cans  and food bags balanced over branch) A canister is a band-aid fix 
and another reason to allow NPS to tax you( ticket you) in the process. No 
canister( of their choice) and you face a fine.