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[pct-l] End of Fall backpacking trip

Another one for you So. Californians,

The first day of winter is only 3 weeks away, just time to squeeze in one
more backpacking trip. I'm planning an overnighter in the Mt. Baldy area
for next weekend, December 8th & 9th. We will meet at The Lytle Creek
Ranger Station, (about 9 miles from Interstate 15 on Sierra Ave.) at
about 8 am on Saturday. The trail head is a few miles east of there, we
will be going up the Middle Fork of Lytle Creek, through the Cucamonga
Wilderness, a very beautiful area! The plan is to camp somewhere between
Icehouse Saddle and Baldy Notch, if isn't too cold. It is "leave no
trace" wilderness camping, pack it in - pack it out. This part is a 5
mile long ridge trail, that connects "The 3 T's" (Thunder Mtn. - 8587',
Telegraph Peak - 8985' and Timber Mtn. - 8303' ) so it could be a chilly
hike. We could then do the summit of Baldy on Sunday and then be back
down by dark or soon after. It's hike numbers 91, 95 and 99 in Trails of
the Angeles by Robinson. Total distance will be about 28 miles (and
around 8,000' of elevation gain) if we make it all the way to the summit
and back.
There is no cost for the trip, other than providing your own
transportation to and from the trail head and your own food and gear. I
will get the permits. You will need a Forest Adventure Pass for each car
that is parked at the trail head. We have room for a total of 12 people. 

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.

Vic Hanson