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[pct-l] Bear Canister Blowout

Remember that "Mad Dog" Monte Dodge (oh, so aptly named!) will be attempting, 
at the Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff (ADZPCTKO), to open a bear canister with 
his bare (bear?) hands using no utensils other than what a common bear would 

It is rumoured that Mad Dog has had oral surgery to implant large incisor 
fangs with slotted ends to use as a screwdriver - piercer in this challenge 
(can't you just picture Monte with fangs?!).  

I also understand that he has been seen practicing the art of blowing hot 
air.  Is this an attempt to cause the canister to expand to the point of 
bursting ? Or, is this just his normal ranting and raving about outlandish, 
outdoor fees?  

Oh, and Mad Dog, don't bother trying to propose that black bears have learned 
how to make and use pop can stoves, chainsaws, shotguns, dynamite, cordless 
power tools, gunpowder, acid, duct tape or chewing gum!

(Early winter madness rantings)

Greg "Strider" Hummel