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[pct-l] new guy sought help -- Thanks!

Wise counsel, indeed!  You who responded have been
most helpful, your suggestions are appreciated.

I contacted Randy at Sierra Express,
www.mammothsierratransportation.com, 760-924-8294.  He
will meet us at the airport in Reno, and drive us to
Red's Meadow.  When we complete our hike at Virginia
Lakes, we only to need to call him and he'll be there
that day or the next to take us back to Reno.  He also
volunteered to return our bear cannisters.  I guess
"full service" really means FULL SERVICE.  All that
for $100.00 per person.  

Not bad for 300+ miles.  Especially when you consider
it costs about $50 - $60 bucks to go, by private or
semi-private car, from my house to the airport, a
distance of about 50 miles.


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