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[pct-l] I Have Returned, Howdy

Greetings to All.

I was on this list back in 1999 and early 2000 and
found much helpful advice.  I thru-hiked the AT
northbound in '98 and attempted a northbound thru of
the PCT in '00.  However, I was driven unexpectedly
from the High Sierras by a bad case of pulmonary edema
in June of that attempt.  I was sad, but not bitter
afterwards; however, I inadvertantly distanced myself
from the trail community as I tried to find my next
step on the journey of life.

I loved the PCT as much as the AT and am planning my
second thru attempt in '03, hopefully followed by a
thru of the CDT in '04 with partner, Bald Eagle (AT
'95).  I have also hiked major portions of the Long
Trail, Lone Star Trail (TX) and Ouachita Trail (AR),
all of which I highly recommend.  My other growing
interests are the High Pyrennes Route in Europe and
the North Country Trail.

I just wanted to give an introduction and say hello to
all.  I'm planning to stick around the list and start
energizing myself for 2003.  I'll give any advice for
my southern California and Sierras hiking, but north
of there, I'm going to be all ears.  Thanks in advance
to all who contribute to the list. 

Karen Borski
Houston, Texas

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