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[pct-l] Gear review: The G4 pack

Hi all,

First a disclaimer.  Glen Van Peski gave me a free custom G4, so I am 
sponsored by GVP Gear.  But i'm giving you my honest opinion.

The G4 is a homemade-style pack made out of silicone-coated nylon.  It has a 
hip belt which actually works, especially if you arrange the contents into a 
self-supporting cylinder.  It uses a z-rest foam pad as a stiffening element 
and back pad.  The shoulder and hip belts can be stuffed with socks or other 
gear as padding if desired.  It's a marvel of multiple-use design and it 
works very well.  I highly recommend it for people who carry light loads.

I love the G4, but it is not for everyone.  It's far more comfortable than 
any ultralight pack out there, but at 12oz it doesn't have a "real" 
suspension.  When I carry more than about 30 pounds, some of that weight is 
on my shoulders because the pack and contents bend under the load.  The 
moral is, don't carry that much!  When I carry less than 25 pounds I have 
absolutely no weight on my shoulders.  I achieve this by carefully packing 
the contents so that they are self supporting.  It takes practice.  One of 
the secrets is to use a second foam pad to line the inside of the pack.  All 
other gear goes inside the cylinder which, like a cardboard tube, is very 
strong for its weight.  They goal is to keep the pack from bending in the 

I do not put any padding in the shoulder straps.  To keep the straps from 
bunching up and cutting into my shoulders, I tie the two thumb loops 
together to make a sternum strap.  Try it, it works great.

Glen is a very tall guy with a long torso.  His packs fit us tall guys best. 
  Perhaps he can make a custom one for shorter people, but I don't recommend 
the off the shelf model for people with short torsos.

Finally, like all ultralight equipment, it cannot stand up to abuse.  The 
stitching is more than adequate to hold it all together, but if any of it 
comes unravelled, a serious problem quickly develops.  Watch the stitching 
and resew any failing seams immediately!  The silicone coated nylon is very 
strong, but cannot be dragged over rocks.  It has very little abrasion 
resistance.  So take very good care of the pack if you want it to last.

For more information, visit: http://gvpgear.com/

Flyin' Brian Robinson
Calendar Triple Crown '01
Sponsored by GVPGear.com

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