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[pct-l] new guy seeking help

Iím a new guy to the list, seeking wise counsel.  In
August Iíll be accompanying a small group of youth and
adults on a short trek.  We plan to hike from Redís
Meadow to Return Creek (Virginia Canyon), in Yosemite,
on the PCT.  From Return Creek weíll head generally
east to Virginia Lakes.  I think Virginia Lakes is in
the Toiyabe National Forest.

Weíll fly, from the mid-west, into either Oakland or
Reno and take public transportation to Mammoth
Lakes/Redís Meadow.  

One problem Iím running into is return transportation
from Virginia Lakes.  Thereíll be 10 of us needing to
get from there back to the airport.  The YARTS, a
Yosemite area service, doesnít run north of Lee
Vining. Anybody out there have any ideas?

Iíve contacted a packhorse guide service in Virginia
Lakes, the park rangers in Tuolumne Meadows and
Yosemite Valley, the Mammoth Lakes public
transportation folks, YARTS, an REI store in Reno, and
a host of bus company operators out of the Reno/Tahoe
areaÖ All to no avail!

Any thoughtsÖ Any at all?

Terry Phillips

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