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[pct-l] Re: NB 800's vs. Montrail Vitesse

On my PCT hike in both NB 801's and Montrail Vitesse I found the 
Montrails to be MUCH hotter/less breathable than the NB 801's.  I trained 
all spring in the Montrails in cool weather and loved them but my feet 
fried in the desert heat.  The additional mesh, lighter color, and wider 
width (4E) on the NB's really helped a lot and my feet problems went away 
after I made the switch.  Not sure if the 803/04/05 or whatever has as 
much mesh.  I still hike in Montrails (in cooler weather) and still like 
them but be forewarned that they aren't optimal for heat.


>You hit the nail on the head as to why I chose the NB shoes, Availability of
>narrow widths!  For that reason the 803's I bought have proven to be one of
>my favorites.  Out of curiousity, do the Montrail Vitesse come in various