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[pct-l] Bargains and other babble

Vitamin C works just as well as the expensive neutralizer they sell with the
iodine tablets. In fact you only nee a little bit of a vitamin C to
neutralize the taste. I crush a vitamin C and add just a small crumb to each
liter of water.


> Sounds like a neat "pen" for us gadget lovers, unfortunately I am even
> more of a bargain lover so I appreciate your doing the math for me, will
> have to get some iodine crystals when my tablets run out. Can you use the
> neutralizing tablets (ascorbic acid) with the crystals as well to make it
> taste better? I don't taste the iodine from the tablets when I use them.
> Which brings up another bargain idea, my 500 mg vitamin C tablets has
> ascorbic acid as the main ingredient, will a piece of that work as well?
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