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[pct-l] service

To state this right up front...I'm not going to carry a cell phone.  But I 
am wondering about service from the high points.  Here's why...My brother 
(computer engineer) showed me one of his little gadgets the other day, he 
said it's called a blackberry (?) or something like that.  It is a 
wireless email system that works through cell phone service.  One of my 
friends hiked the AT last year with a wireless Palm and said that it 
worked the whole way up...something that I was kind of suprised at.  So 
has anyone used a wireless device or a cell phone for a thru-hike of the 
PCT that can say whether service is available?  I would kindof expect it 
thruought California...but Oregon and espcially Washington seem kindof 
limiting factors.  And for the really "techo-touchy" people out there...it 
wouldn't be a way for me to keep up with the masses of my friends (HA! 
Like I HAVE any!).  It would be a way to publish journals online easily.  
It would bounce through another account so as to hide the email of the 
little device and only my dear mother and father and a select other few 
friends would have the adress.  I really don't want to hear from anybody 
while I'm in the woods.  Thanks guys.  Be well..

Hungry Howie & The New Sushi - AT2000, LT2001, PCT2002