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[pct-l] Re: the Cherokee or the Mohican....

Hi Vic,

good luck on your tent endeavors, I am not sure which
one you are looking at, there are three presently. I
will be adding my double wall (26 ounces) soon, when
my AT Journal page is ready. It has a complete fly
over a mesh tent, with silnylon floor. I think it will
work better on the AT than a single wall Cherokee.

the only concern I would have for the nylon/ taffetta 
fabric you are experimenting with now is that it isnt
rip stop. Should a tear begin due to wind stress, it
would tear clear up to a cross stitching. But, I do
agree its wise to practice on fabric that is more
expendable. If tightly pitched, many fabrics will shed
rain, and I think with a silicone coating it would be
pretty decent. Didn't old timers use canvas in the

anyways, tents are my hobby, gear my passion...

can't seem to help myself

happy sewing(be glad to answer questions if I can, all
swearing and crying aside, it went pretty well)


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