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[pct-l] Teva's

 I actually did buy a pair of Nike sandals and hiked into Monument 78 to meet 
Swiss, PA Jeff, Molson, Skylark , Fallingwater and Lucky in Sept. of 2000. 
The Nikes were a poor subitute to Teva's as the stretchy fabic around heals 
started tearing in only 15 miles.I am happy with the NB 803's. I will give 
the Teva some more testing. Dave ( Walkon) was the only hiker I saw with zero 
blisters in 2000 early desert section. For those who remember, 2000 was much 
hotter than 2001 during the early sections. Hot feet sweat and the more your 
feet breath , the better. Goretex anything on your feet during hot desert 
hiking is a quick recipe  to blisters. My feet were in good shape last year 
verses the blisters I had in 2000. Live and learn!!