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[pct-l] Bargains and other babble


Sounds like a neat "pen" for us gadget lovers, unfortunately I am even
more of a bargain lover so I appreciate your doing the math for me, will
have to get some iodine crystals when my tablets run out. Can you use the
neutralizing tablets (ascorbic acid) with the crystals as well to make it
taste better? I don't taste the iodine from the tablets when I use them.
Which brings up another bargain idea, my 500 mg vitamin C tablets has
ascorbic acid as the main ingredient, will a piece of that work as well?

Sure feel sorry for you guys (and gals) in colder areas, I went for
beautiful, warm, sunny hikes on Monday, Wednesday and yesterday as well
as mtn. biking on Thanksgiving morning (L.A. area). Today that storm that
blew in from up north came earlier than forecast and I ended up hiking
back in the rain (after spending a few hours at a hot springs) and then
spending hours in rain caused traffic jams on the freeways. However it
did give me a good chance to try out my new nylon pants that I was hoping
were waterproof  - they are!  :-)  I got them on sale at Target in
Minneapolis a week ago for $11.80 on sale from $16.90, "Utility" brand.
They are mesh lined, were nice and warm and dry. Same goes for the
"Prosport" nylon vest, fleece lined, on sale for $9.00. It also was warm
and dry, except for the fleece trim around the bottom which soaked up the
water that ran off! My other great find there was "Cherokee" convertible
pants for $6.24, marked down from $24.99. They are light weight cotton,
great for those cool winter days we have here in Southern California. I
had to dig to find 2 pair of 30 inch waist though, the rest were for
those of you who spend more time on the computer than hiking ;-) 
Unfortunately, I didn't have my waterproof (fishing) gloves with me that
I got for $4.75 (Gander Mountain)!

I also got some nylon fabric at Wal Mart for $1.00/yard to practice
making a tent like Brawny has on her web site, didn't want to waste
sil-nylon till I learn how to sew. The lady in the fabric section looked
at me strange when I bought the fabric and black nylon mesh, I don't
think she believed my tent story, probably thought I was a dirty old man
into something kinky! Does anyone know if that spray on waterproofing
will work on regular nylon fabric? Now I just need another rainy day to
start on the tent.

Hike on,